About our Tents

Nothing but the best for our
clients! We buy our tents from the
leaders in the tent industry in quality
and design. These beautiful tents
can be used together to form large arenas
or separately for intimate islands. We
have standard walls, door walls, window
walls or screen/mesh walls that can be
added to our tents/canopies. Our tents
can be fully heated in cold weather,
and lighted for evening events. And we
can provide a dance floor. We offer a
stable foundation on any surface using
stakes or water barrels (used on hard
surfaces or where there are water pipes
or electrical cables in the ground that
need to be avoided).




We can provide heating for fully enclosed
tents or use strategically placed standing
heaters with open tents.

Heaters and Lights for Tents

Outdoor heating



Our center pole lights can provide a
dimmer-switch controlled ambiance
with our globes or more powerful
halogen lighting suitable for merchandise
and other displays. Smaller globe lights
can be placed as filler light. We have even
incorporated a client’s crystal chandelier.
Standing outdoor lights are also available
for gentle lighting outside the tents.

Lights for Tents


Tentology Marquee and Canopy

These tents/canopies are free
standing,with no center pole. Lifes
Best Inn Tents offers many sizes and
wall options including: doors,
windows, and sliding walls and
rectangular or hexagonal shapes.Go
here for size options and diagrams.

Moss Event Tents




Whimsical curves. Roomy with an
Arabianfeel. Each 20′ x 40′ Event Tent
cover a usable space of 600 SQ. FT per
module. The tent is supported by two
14′ center poles and four 8′ corner poles.
Modules can be zipped together and
expanded infinitely (two modules =
40′ x 40′, three modules =20′ x 60′,
etc.). Optional zip walls are available for
inclement weather or enclosed
space. Go here for diagrams.

Canopy Tent offered by the Tentguy

These typical vendor style canopies are
often used at craft fairs and sidewalk sales.
Lifes Best Inn Tents offers Standard Frame
Canopies in four convenient sizes:
8′ x 8′ , 10′ x 10′ , 10′ x 15′ and 10′ x 20′.

Star Shade Canopy



Star-Shade Canopy measuring 55′ in
diameter, covers 800sf. Bound by six
connected arches, the Star-Shade makes
an attractive center piece for any activity.
Go here for seating and size diagrams.

Water barrels to anchor tents

Water Barrels

Water barrels are used on hard surfaces or
where there are water pipes or electrical
cables in the ground that need to be avoided.